Starting your own business…..where to start?


My first oky’s cookies bridal show 🙂


Umm…yeah, where do I start? I knew I wanted to start a hand decorated cookie business, I just didn’t know how to go on about getting it done. I went online and found and I did a lot of reading. I then did a check list of all the things I had to do: Register Business for tax purposes( doing bridal shows you must have a registered business), register my trade name oky’s cookies,  and contact the health department ( when dealing with food you have to make sure you do this). I registered my business online, which was a very simple thing to do specially since I am the sole proprietorship, and a few days after I received my business certificate….I felt so happy and so proud of my self lol. Next step was registering oky’s cookies, which was simple as well. I went to the county clerks office and they checked my trade name to make sure no one else had it, and wa la! it was done :). The health department has to make sure you are running a “food” business with the right cleanliness standards. It can be a little intimidating, but it’s a must. All this may not sound too bad to get accomplished, but it does take time and patience.

So how do I let people know about oky’s cookies? Well I must say, THANK YOU FACEBOOK! lol, I opened up a business page in Facebook, and it has helped my business out A LOT! Not only do I get to show my work, but I am able to meet wonderful people who appreciate the work I do.  And yes, I do get plenty of orders :). It also helps to have friends on Facebook because I tag a lot of my pictures ( some of my friends don’t like this part lol lol ) but tagging let’s their friends see my work as well, so THANK YOU FRIENDS!

Another thing I do as well are bridal shows. American bride, is a company that exhibits all kinds of wedding vendors, and they have shows all over New Jersey. I was so nervous for my first show, but I had so much fun. Not only do you get to meet other vendors but you also meet beautiful brides to be. I do a lot of baking for my shows since I give away a free cookie bouquet basket in every show. I also do samples for potential customers so they can get to taste the cookies. I make sure I do a lot of samples so that everyone can see how many options there are for favors.  You do pay a fee, but believe me it’s worth it, and you make it right back from orders that you do receive in the shows. So I highly recommend to do bridal shows!

Making happy customers is a must! I love the people I meet from the orders I receive, and I try to go beyond and above to make them really happy! Because they do reffer me to other customers as well, and having someone say ” the cookies where amazing!” or “Thank you so much, they are great!”….it just makes me feel i’m doing my job! Like I said before, it takes time and motivation to get your business going. I post my flyers everywhere I go, I bring cookies to different places, I will be delivering flyers this week to all my neighbors and local businesses…you have to do all that you can do!

This blog is the latest step I have taken, of course opening my website store would be amazing, but I am still working on it 🙂 But I love to talk about my cookies, my business, my family, so that you all can get to know me a little bit more, and get to know the stories behind my cookies as well.

I don’t want to keep dreaming about what I can do, I want to make it happen! Have a wonderful day everyone! And remember, you can make it happen too!

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