Free food? Free drinks? Free giveaways?….I’m there.

Oh Bridal shows…I have done about 5 bridal shows, and I enjoy them a lot. It allows me to showcase all my cookies and cookie favors. I also get to meet other vendors, and of course, meet potential customers. I do bridal shows with American Bridal Shows, .Lisa one of the owners/organizers is a really great person. All you have to do is contact them via email, and let them know you are interested in becoming a vendor. Then theyΒ send you a contract (you do have to pay a fee), and you are all set.They provide you with a table and electric connection. They also provide you with information regarding the brides that attend the show, which is great so that you can do follow ups.

There is great food, great giveaways, and great people. You can definitely have a good time there, specially when they showcase all the dj’s and entertainment companies ( they put on really good shows and the music is great! ). Of course if you are near them during a show, it is hard to hear a bit. But they sure keep you dancing!

You do get your fake brides every now and then, but what can you do? lol. I once had a lady that kept coming to my table and taking my samples lol. I was happy she liked the cookies :), but she kept coming over and over lol. If it’s free, why not? lol

I remember when I went to my first bridal show as bride, with my binder in hand, and all my little notes and lists to do…It really helped me see what the different companies had to offer, and it also allowed me to see the reception hall and taste their food as well. Planning for a wedding is not easy. You plan, plan, plan, and then the day of goes by so fast, you barely have time to eat lol.

I am the only wedding favor vendor in the shows I do, which is a big plus! And it also allows me to show all the other work I do as well ( I actually get more orders for other events there lol). I love doing the basket giveaway because I receive a lot of compliments :), but making all my cookie samples is a lot of hard work. I do all new samples for every single show, IΒ wish I can have them pre-made in plastic or something lol just so they don’t go to waste, which sometimes they do and sometimes I give them away πŸ™‚

I highly recommend doing bridal shows! I will make a page for all the bridal show events that I do, in case anyone wants to come and see what I am all about πŸ™‚ and have a great time.

FYI: I want to re-new my vows in Las Vegas, at the little wedding chapel, and have an Elvis and Priscilla wedding! “thank you, thank you very much!”

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