So quiet and Peaceful…


I love my kids, yes I do! But sometimes they do give me a headache lol. If one is sleeping, the other one is up and making too much noise that the one sleeping wakes up, and vice versa. But there are few times where both of them are sleeping like angels, and the sun comes out and beams right at

I sometimes have left over icing and cookies ( my hubby always asks me to make more so he can eat them later on with milk). So this time I decided to draw something new, more creative, and here it is..well up there on the pictures lol…

I love doing characters, flowers, wedding cookies, etc. ..but I also like to do unique things that require a lot of patience and creativity. This week , well actually next week, I am going to start doing something new. I will be making random designs and sending them to my friends and loved ones. I realized that I do a lot of baking for customers, and I very rarely (unless for birthdays) bake for my friends or family. I hope they enjoy it!

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” -Robert Bresson


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