Best friends…

My best friend is someone who is always there to make my job easier..someone that can take on any job I do…someone who doesn’t talk back to me and appreciates all my hard work…someone who will be there till the end…here she is:

Isn’t she lovely? Her name is Raquel, Raq for short lol…ok so she doesn’t really have a name and she could possibly be a he if it where a person lol…but it is definitely one of the “must have” if you bake. It saves a lot of space and it makes it so much easier to work with. I bought this at the Webstaurant store online, . With the first couple of orders I did, I was able to purchase this, and it has been the best purchase so far.

Best friends..I don’t have many, but I do have plenty of friends. A best friend is someone who will be honest, even if it hurts. Someone that will be with you through many ups and downs. Someone that can share their life, problems, ideas, smiles, tears..someone who won’t judge you for the things you do, but be there to give you support and strength. A best friend will be there, when on one else will.

Johnny is my best friend. He is there for me, good or bad ( poor guy lol)…He makes me happy, when skies are grey lol…He is whom I share everything with, and will always be the glue that holds me together.

So enough of the gooshy stuff lol, here are a few pics of the orders I did for this weekend, enjoy 🙂

Elmo birthday cookies 🙂


Monogram champaign cups 🙂
Graduation cookies 🙂
Muno 🙂
Brobee 🙂
Foofa 🙂










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