Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to youuuu…lalalalalalala

Birthdays, one year older, one year wiser…or so they say lol. I remember when I was a tiny little monster, in Peru, celebrating my birthday. There was lot’s of candy, small chicken sandwiches ( very delicious ), chicha morada ( juice made from black corn ), massamorra (a peruvian dessert made from black corn ), and did I mention candy? because there was tons of it lol. I remember there was always a clown which I can’t recall his name, but he was in every birthday party.

As I got older, a teen, I had the worst luck with birthdays. Either no one came, or they turned out to be very boring. I remember at one of my birthday parties we ended up crying because the song ” so hard to say goodbye to yesterday” by Boyz II Men, had started playing, all of my friends had tears coming down their eyes like crazy lol. I remember my mother saying ” Is this a funeral? ” lol…yeah, no luck with birthdays. But as an adult birthdays have gotten so much better. We go and have a nice dinner, my mother makes me the best cakes ever, I receive gifts that I pretty much get to choose lol, and my family is always there to celebrate with me 🙂

I do a lot of birthday party favors, and I enjoy them a lot. No matter how much you try to budget, you always end up getting more and more. For my daughter’s Zofia’s 1st birthday, I did a fiesta theme, and for her 2nd birthday party I did Hello Kitty (<3 loooove kitty). Parties can get pretty expensive, and favors too. To me a favor should be something memorable, whether it lasts a lifetime, or after 5 bites is gone… I get a lot of compliments on my cookie favors, and it just motivates me more and more to keep doing a great job!

Cookie Favors? Not a New Idea, but sure a great one! I usually get customers that can’t eat the cookie because it is too cute to be eaten, so they just keep it wrapped up. I on the other hand, I eat the cookie lol.

My little sister, well not so little anymore, turned 15 today. As we where sitting down having dinner, we each made a toast to her. And when it came to my turn, I couldn’t hold my tears back. I still see her as the little baby who used to crawl down the stairs booty first..As the little girl who I would take to pre-school…the little girl I would dress up…she’s all grown up now. I felt so emotional because I looked at my daughter, and son, and I know that time flies, and it has flown by really fast. I wish we could sometimes slow time down, to be able to enjoy great times over and over.

Birthdays to me, are a reminder of how much we grow, how much we change. Birthdays are a reminder of how lucky we are to be on this earth, how lucky we are to still have great friends and family 🙂

Happy Birthday Natalia 🙂 I love you little sis!

These cookies where made for her as an order from my cousin who is in Peru, I really enjoyed making these 🙂

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