My Sweet Tooth :)

Oh the dentist…Why were they invented? lol…Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. I remember when I was little, I hated getting cleanings, even now, I can’t stand it…that steel metal piece that would rub against your teeth making that screeching sound …AHHHHHH….goosebumps! lol . I think the best part was getting a sticker or a lollipop…Great, a lollipop, they really wanted you back lol. Oh and fillings, where the worst then…now I can handle it pretty well :), I usually make them put me out lol. Oh, and what is it with people taking the gloves? times at the dentist 🙂

I am a big sweets lover, specially pop rocks 🙂 nerds, and I love kit kat! I even have my daughter Zofia brush her teeth, but she usually just eats the gel paste ( non flouride).

I am dreading my next dental visit….but I know it’s better to have healthy teeth, then no teeth at all :), nothing wrong with that, but I like my teeth lol.

I made these cookies for my friend Dolores (last-minute order). I told her she was crazy for only giving me 2 days to do it lol, but I managed to get them done, and I think they came out pretty cute 🙂 Now I’m going to be making some for another friend who happens to work at a dental office as well, but this time i’ll make different cookies 🙂 . I will be putting smiles on people’s faces, and letting them know about my cookie business as well!

Have a flossy day!

2 thoughts on “My Sweet Tooth :)

  1. Jajaja these came out good. And like me, we always try to please our customers and always take them last minute orders! smh :)……keep up the good work

    1. Thank you 🙂 I love last minute orders actually lol, it reminds me that anything can be accomplished if you tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT! Plus Angel, in our line of work you have to have happy customers 🙂 because we make most of our business by refferals 🙂 I loved all the pictures you sent me yesterday, I have to try to do some oreos dipped in chocolate 🙂

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