They grow so fast….

One day they are crawling, and the next day walking, then off to school they go..graduate from High school, go away to college, come back home engaged, they get married…you become a grandparent, and the life cycle begins again….I can definitely wait for this, I want to enjoy my children’s childhood before they become teenagers and find the things that you used to do, weird and “un-cool”. I want to kiss them as much as I can, before they say ” mom, not in front of my friends” lol…we all go through this, we have all done this at a certain point in our lives. It is a stage, and there will be plenty of stages to come lol. I want my kids to know that I will do all that I can to make their dreams come true, that I will always love them unconditionally, that I will always be there no matter what 🙂

If we could just turn back time to re-live those certain moments, the moments that we cherish the most. Life is so precious, and we have to enjoy it to the fullest, because we do only live once. Enjoy the time you spend with your family, with your kids, your husband, your brothers and sisters, your parents, your friends. Build wonderful memories, that will last you a lifetime. Build great bonds that will never be broken. Love to live, and live to love 🙂

This is for baby Matthew, he is turning 6 months old 🙂 I enjoyed making this basket and cookies because I usually do light colors, and for this order I used bold colors and it came out pretty cute 🙂 I love the little car detail I did on the Matthew cookie. Once again, thank you all for allowing me to make beautiful cookies, Enjoy!

(no writing errors were found?? woo hoo, I am getting better at this lol 🙂

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