My lovely Peru :)

Peru, Peru, Peru…..How I miss my country, my family there, my friends, the food, karaoke, the food, the clubs, Trujillo the city I came from, the food….I miss it so much. I told my husband that we should go live there for a couple of years since the kids are small…he has not given me an answer yet lol.

I was born October 3, 1981 in Trujillo, Peru. I had the best childhood there. My mother Carmen, came from a middle class family, and my father Antonio came from an upper class family. My Grandfather Aristides, on my father’s side, owned mines and therefore allowed my father and his brothers and sisters to live very comfortably. My grandparents owned half a block, a big block and right next to them was the Private University, Universidad Privada del Norte…I loved it there. All my aunts and uncles and cousins lived there, they all each had a section of the property. There where two swimming pools, and only once, just once I saw them filled. They used to keep the dogs in the pools so they won’t scare us lol…I spent most of my time with my cousin Marilu, we were born 16 days apart, and she was a sister to me. there was a long driveway and then the floor was made from either marble or some smooth stone that in the summertime it would stay nice and warm, sometimes I would just lay there and look at the sky, enjoying time passing by. There was a tree in the back of the house that my cousins and I would play by. One time the dogs jumped out of the pool and we all ran up the tree, Aris my oldest cousin leading us and helping us up that tree….Aris, I miss you my dear cousin, looking down from the heavens :)…good memories….good times….We lived there, really “lived” there.

My mother Carmen used to play volleyball, she was and still is a really good player.Her mother, my grandmother Teresa was the best grandmother ever…I remember her long white hair always in a braid…always making cakes to sell at her juice stand…every time I bake I feel her with me…She would always take the demons out of us when we would do something wrong lol she would hold us and rub our head, and say ” demon come out, you don’t belong here” seriously she did lol…She was a strong wonderful woman, just like my mother.

My mother’s house has 3 floors, bottom one is my aunt Ana’s , middle floor is ours, and the third floor is my uncle Tito’s…there is a lot of people there, and there is never a dull or boring moment, there’s always something going on, lot’s of noise sometimes, since we pretty much yell for anyone there lol…we would sometimes go to my uncle farms and ride the donkeys, pick for asparagus, go swimming at the river…but at night there was no electricity back then, pretty scary, specially when my cousins used to tell scary stories that happened there….I can honestly tell you that I saw a ghost there. We were sleeping in one of the rooms, and I happen to wake up since I am a light sleeper, and I saw two shadows on the wall, one man holding a shovel, and another man holding a bucket…the shadows went pass every wall, I got up and started crying my butt off lol and ran to where my sister was sleeping and cousins where too….I will never forget that day…one of the many weird things that I have experienced ( there will be a blog later on about those experiences too lol)….anyways….fun times lol.

I have been to Peru a couple of times since we came to the U.S.. Every time I go, everyone keeps getting bigger and older. More and more businesses grow. I was shocked when I was there in 2008 and there where malls there, seriously…even supermarkets…Imagine going one day to a small town, dirt everywhere,  sacks and sacks of fruit, vegetables, rice, spices, a whole market like that, and than the next day going to a supermarket…shocking lol, so many things are changing there but the people stay the same. There is always things going on, parties, reunions, dinners, festivals, etc. You live a life so much differently then here. Don’t get me wrong I looooove New Jersey,  I do, but I love Peru even more 🙂

Did I mention great food? That is another blog of its own lol…the food is delicious, D E L I C I O U S ! ! ! Just thinking about it makes me hungry, thank god I can make Peruvian dinners, and that we also have plenty of Peruvian restaurants around here. You can have a whole meal for just 3 dollars, you can eat for a whole week with 30 dollars there.

There is so many Historic places to visit and learn about. There is so much to do 🙂

Today, July 28th is Peru’s Independence day, 191 years …I made the cookies up top in honor of Peru 🙂 I was so motivated to make these, and I will enjoy eating them with my kids 🙂 I plan to make sure that my monsters know about Peru,  ( Poland and Germany too since my hubby is half Polish and half German), that they learn to speak spanish, and that they continue to visit as much as we can.

Tengo el orgullo de ser peruano y soy feliz,
de haber
nacido en esta hermosa tierra del sol,
donde el indómito inca prefiriendo
legó a mi raza la gran herencia de su valor

Ricas montañas, hermosas tierras, risueñas playas, ¡es mi Perú!, fértiles tierras, cumbres nevadas, ríos quebradas, ¡es mi Perú!

 Así es mi raza noble y humilde por tradición, pero es rebelde cuando coactan su libertad, entonces uniendo alma, mente y corazón, rompe cadenas cuando la muerte vea llegar.

Ricas montañas, hermosas tierras, risueñas playas, ¡es mi Perú!, fértiles tierras, cumbres nevadas, ríos quebradas, ¡es mi Perú!

Vals escrito por Manuel “Chato” Raygada B.

 You always have to be proud of the place you came from, I am proud to be Peruvian!

10 thoughts on “My lovely Peru :)

  1. i been to peru 9 times i love it there specially cusco i wnted to stay and live there, so heavenly mbeautiful i have friends in lima. ica. trujillo. iquitos. and i was very happy there

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