I can do it, I can do it….ummm…maybe?

I get a lot of orders to do, and till this day I have only turned 1 down 😦 I love decorating, it’s a passion. But when it comes to Disney characters, well…I try my best lol. I once was asked to make Rapunzel from The movie Tangled, and she didn’t come out quite good lol, maybe I should have done a bigger cookie so that the details in the face would look better…maybe I should have traced her, although I draw everything free hand…I guess when it comes down to it, I was not successful with this cookie, and therefore I did not do the order, because when I make and decorate cookies, I am presenting a little piece of me…And I want to give the best that I am capable of doing 🙂

I also once did an order for a wonderful customer,  Mickey Mouse cookies..I had done them before, but this time the weather in my area was not cooperating ( hot and humid, yucky) , and my husband shut everything off when we went out one day, and well, my cookies suffered. The color black had bled through the cookies, it was horrible..ok maybe not that bad, but I consider it horrible…I called my wonderful customer up and gave her the news..I told her what had happened and that I will still bring them over, and I did. I showed her the color bleeding, apologized ( I was strangling my husband in my mind lol ), and told her that the cookies will be free 🙂 . What amazed me was that she didn’t think they where that bad and was still willing to pay me for them, I couldn’t take her money because I know the cookies should have been better. I really appreciated that from her, because I was very stressed that morning, and seeing her little daughter smile and say, “it’s Mickey” made my day 🙂

I strive to do the best job I can do , but sometimes things that I can’t control happen. And there is nothing much that I can do ( I do pray a lot lol), I just think positive and learn from the mistakes made, so in the future I can know what to do :).

I did forgive my husband, but I always remind him about keeping our air on at all times (energy save mode). He has promised me that one day, “one day babe”, I will have my own little place, where I can bake and decorate my cookies…a place that will be temperature controlled to avoid accidents…a place where we can drive by and my kids will say ” hey mommy that’s oky’s cookies, that’s you”…little by little I will ge there 🙂

This is the Mickey cookie that had the colors bleed…… my next Mickey will be much more handsome 🙂

Mickey Mouse cookie

Whether you succeed or fail……… you always, always learn something!

2 thoughts on “I can do it, I can do it….ummm…maybe?

  1. I loved the cookies and loved your honesty about what happened. Everyone at my son’s party loved them…not one person noticed anything wrong. I am looking forward to the order I placed for the 12th…yummy!!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am looking forward to making the cookies too 🙂 I just did a whole set of Mickey mouse club cookies, and I was watching them non stop like a mother lol lol they came out pretty good, I am going to make beautiful cookies for you 🙂

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