I need a vacation from my vacation! lol

I’m back, woo hoo! Vacation was great, I was hungry everyday lol, pool, beach, great food. My monsters enjoyed the beach and pool..well Zofia was scared of the sand, and waves, but she did like the pool. Charlie enjoyed everything, even eating sand lol (thanks to his godmother),we had a wonderful time!

I did miss having my laptop, but it felt good not having the urgency to check emails every 5 minutes lol. I must say though, although vacation was great, we did have a horrible experience at one of the places we had gone to eat, well we didn’t even get to eat…..The crab house in Wildwood NJ, was not prepared for the amount of people who were there hungry,and waiting to eat. After 1 1/2 hours of waiting, I gave up…My kids where hungry, I was hungry…I couldn’t take it, so I said “see you later” to my parents and grabbed the monsters and off we went to find somewhere else to eat. Yes I would have loved to eat yummy crabs, but enough was enough. On the happy side, we found this mexican place called Bandanas, which if you are ever in Wildwood NJ , please stop by there. It is the best place I have had mexican food in. Awesome flavor, great service, and they have their own ice cream shop in there as well…couldn’t have asked for more! We ended up going there again with the rest of the family, and they enjoyed it as well 🙂

Sometimes you do need a vacation from your vacation lol..Just so you can recuperate, get things back on track, get situated, and hope all the laundry gets done by itself lol. Like I said, vacation was great, but it was definitely exhausting at times. I know when you are single or in a relationship, with no kids,  you have more liberties and therefore you are able to do more things while vacationing. Having to go up and down the 4 flights of stairs with my monsters (elevators where on the opposite side of the pool lol), going to sleep sometimes early, waking up at 6:30 a.m. to feed them, or having to stay in the room while they nap, it is all worth it because I am able to be with them, to enjoy their childhood, to build memories with them :).

Although we didn’t get to go gambling in Atlantic City, playing UNO at night sure made up for it lol. It was so much fun, specially winning game after game and teaming up with my mother to beat my little sister and see her get mad was priceless (evil I know lol).

Sometimes we forget or stop doing things that once where so much fun to do. Time goes by fast, and we grow up, we grow old fast.

Having my family there was a big help, and they enjoyed having the monsters with them :). My kids always put a smile on their faces, whether by doing something silly or just hearing them say ” I wove you”..well Zofia says that, Charlie just smiles, giggles, and vomits on you lol.

As much as I tried not to think about cookies, I couldn’t lol…I am so excited to be back home just to get started on samples and to be able to use my cannon edible ink printer…sickening I know lol lol…I have a cookie loving disease that no one can cure, and I wouldn’t let anyone cure lol.

I made these cookies last week, for a Sweet sixteen. I had to wait until I came back from vacation to post the pictures. It was torture lol, I wanted to post them right away, but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise :).

Happy Monday everyone! Enjoy life, and every single moment of it. Spend some time with your family, with yourself. Do things you used to do, experience new things too. Remember old moments, and make new memories 🙂 LOVE to all !!

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