My second home :)

These are some cookies I did for a customer who happens to be getting married on the same day I got married almost 6 years ago. She will be celebrating her 60th birthday that same day as well, Congratulations Barbara!! Almost 60 and still looking gorgeous!

Atlantic City….Bally’s…how I love you……I have to thank my mother in law, Stella, for introducing me to the wonderful world of slot machines, and table games. Some may say I have a gambling issue, I consider it to be a hobby lol lol…ok, maybe I tend to get a bit crazy with it sometimes, but hey, it’s my happy land.

I have won may jackpots, and lost a lot of times, but I love it. It’s a rush I can’t explain. Just sitting there, getting the cards, spreading them one by one…hoping that I get a straight flush…I love it!!!! My favorite game is 4 card poker…it used to be let it ride, but It just took forever lol…I also play three card poker, and spanish 21 (my hubby’s favorite game). As for slots, well, I am a wheel of fortune lover, blazing 7’s, and wild party lover.

Free rooms, free food, free giveaways, free shows…of course you usually get it from playing a lot, but it sure feels good to get free stuff lol. For my honeymoon, we received free complimentary rooms in Las Vegas, free food for the whole 4 days we where there, and free show tickets. We had a wonderful time, and I will never forget it. I recently received free cruise tickets which I plan to use next year :).

Like I said, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, you just have to enjoy your time there. You can’t get mad, and you can’t go crazy going to the atm over and over. Just have a good time.

Everyone needs to have a happy land…what is your happy land?

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