Take it off, Take it off!!

Oh sexy Lingerie…..If I could just really wear it more often lol…I did these cookies as a sample for a customer ( I love doing samples 🙂 )..As I was making them, it made me think of the last time I actually wore a little outfit like that…a long..long…very long time ago lol, when gravity was on my side lol. Ok exaggerating a bit there, but seriously, when will I have time to actually go buy a nice piece, and wear it? Never… specially now since my daughter has claimed my bed as hers, and little Charlie loves to watch tv with mommy in bed….kids, gotta love them lol.

I usually sleep with a long shirt, usually my husbands. I would never, ever, ever sleep naked..God forbid that there was a fire, earthquake, something like that, I want to be dressed, grab my kids and go. Just be ready for anything, with my clothes on lol.

On the other hand, wearing lingerie does make you feel sexy, and adventurous..I think lol…So why not? It may be a bit costly if you go shopping at Victoria’s Secret, but doing it once in a full moon won’t hurt…I hope lol.

Maritni’s…well I have a few stories that involve apple martinis, but we wont get into that yet lol…All I have to say about martinis is that they sneak up on you when you least expect it, but they sure taste good :).

Drink a little, feel sexy, get crazy……Happy Tuesday!!!!



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