My new baby!

My new baby!
My son’s picture on an edible frosting sheet, waiting to be put on a cookie 🙂

I was so excited to get back home from vacation and to welcome the new member of the oky’s cookies family….Mr. Cannon :). I am so happy with this purchase, I can’t wait to do many beautiful things with it :).

I had a customer who wanted to do the same image from her wedding invitation on a cookie. Now although I am a pretty good decorator, I knew there was no way to do this 100%, and I really wanted to make her happy. So I tried it, using my new baby, and it came out quite nice 🙂 I added the border, and the pastel blue little flowers on top to make it even cuter 🙂

I have always done my decorations without tracing, and although sometimes it could be a hard job, I love the way that I get better and better at it.  I was very iffy about using an edible printer, but now knowing how many more things I can do to a cookie, it’s amazing ! I can’t wait till christmas time , where I will be sending out christmas cookies, instead of christmas cards, with my monster’s face on them :), I am so excited!

I purchased this from eBay (love me some eBay!) , and it only took 3 days to receive it. The wireless setup took a couple of minutes, and thank god for instructions! I am now able to make edible pictures on cookies! YAY!!

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