You can polka dot me anytime!

Lately I have been obsessed with polka dots…I need counseling lol. I made these cookies for a little girl who will be celebrating her second birthday. I hope she enjoys them!

I have been looking to get my new logo made, and of course it will definitely have polka dots :). I didn’t think about the importance of having a logo, but I definitely need one. I want to be able to have custom labels and stickers made, and I want them to have a permanent image, a beautiful image representing oky’s cookies. Usually when I do orders, I package my cookies nice and give out my postcards and business cards. I want to be able to make it even cuter by taping it up with a logo sticker.

To me, nice packaging presentation is a must!!! Wether a nice gift tag, shiny bow, ribbons, etc., it just adds an extra fancy touch to my cookies :). Lately I have been purchasing a lot from Papermart, , they have a variety of items that I highly recommend :).  I also love buying my cookie boxes from BRP Boxshop, . I am hoping in the future, once I get bigger lol, to have my custom boxes and shopping bags made :).

I am partnering up with a company called One Giraphe, . They make custom logos, and they are very good at what they do, so hopefully soon I will have a new oky’s cookies logo!! yay! Just figuring out what exactly my vision is for my logo, well it might take a little time lol. But patience is the key, can’t rush perfection 🙂

Happy Saturday, to you, and you, and all of you!

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