Can you feel the beat???

I wanted to make some special birthday cookies for a very talented, music driven young man, and I was thinking: “what the heck am I going to do?”..Well my hubby happened to walk by and I said, “stop!, and take off your shirt”..he looked at me very clueless, and said “ok”…he had a picture of a boombox on it, and I said “ok, I can do this” he just laughed at me lol…It did take a pretty long time to get it done, and it was sure worth it. I hope he enjoys eating it, and hopefully he shares some of it :).

Music definitely keeps me going, specially late at night when I do most of my decorating. I love listening to Gian Marco, specially “hoy” , it reminds me of good times in Peru. I listen to it over and over sometimes lol…Mana, also brings back a lot of memories. John legend, (my wedding song was “stay with you”), John Mayer, Shakira (before she turned blonde lol), Camila, Marc Anthony, Joss Stone, Adele….I can go on and on.

I can get Β sleepy sometimes, specially doing 100+ cookies, but once that song comes on, the one that gets your head bobbingΒ , shoulders moving, feet tapping…it’s on!

My friend Michael P. has the biggest music collection that I know of, he has such a great variety, and I love listening to new songs every time we visit ( he is a grill master too). He has thousands and thousands of songs……yep he loves music.

I just want to dance a little lol.

Music revives me πŸ™‚ Β Have a great weekend everyone!

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