Where’s Me treasure?….lol

These are sample cookies using my new toy, Mr. Cannon. I originally tried doing them by hand, but too much details, and I can’t seem to ge the eyes right, quite a failure I must say ( specially captain hook) 😦  . I must keep working at it :). But, I ended up doing them as edible images, and I am quite happy with the results :).

Treasure….well I havent found nor won any treasure, yet. A couple of years ago my friends one 1 million dollars from a $10 dollar scratch off..Yep, they did…of course after taxes it becomes $650,000, and more taxes…well you end up getting half of it, but hey, wouldn’t you be happy with $500,000 dollars? I would lol..I would go shopping everyday…for cookie cutters that is lol.  I always told my hubby, if we won any large amount of money, we would pay off our house, my mother’s house, and his mother’s house, give money to our family and some friends too, put money aside for our monsters, go to Las Vegas ( just the two of us) , and the rest we would invest!. Of course for that to happen, we would have to win more than 500,000, but hey, “you never know”.

Dreams, dreams, dreams. I just wouldn’t be stupid to waste it all. I would make sure it lasts long enough, and make smart financial decisions, as anyone else would. Although I have seen shows where people win the lottery or large sums of money, and a year or two later they go bankrupt. Money gone, friends gone, no one pays attention to you anymore. It all comes down to making smart decisions :).  Imagine all the cookie cutters I can buy……cookie cutter dream land lol.

Money is money, you work hard for it, you save it or spend it. Just make sure you enjoy it while it’s still there and you have something to show for it :).

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