Aris <3

I wasn’t too sure to post this, but part of this blog is to share things that happen in my life with all of you ( zzzzzzzzzzzz ok ok lol)…Last night I had a dream with Aris. We where in my old house in Peru, and he showed up at my door knocking. I opened the door and I couldn’t believe it, I told him “you are dead, but you are dead”, he said, “no I”m not, I’m here aren’t I? I am always here”..I called my mother and my sister to come and see him. They where crying and crying, and couldn’t believe that it was him. He just kept smiling, and he said “come on let’s dance”, so we danced a bolero ( spanish music)…..he told me not to worry about things too much, and if I ever feel lonely at times,  to know that they are always with us.

I woke up crying, and feeling so sad. I saw him so clearly, his face, his hair….just how I always remember him. I thought he was real, and that he was really there. I dream of him every now and then, and when I do, I feel sad but a happy sad.

Aris is my cousin. He passed away in September 14, 2004. He was on his way home, well to my mother’s house and he was at a red stop light. It was almost midnight I recall.  A man driving a yellow hummer, driving fast and under the influence did not see his car stopped at the light. He smashed right into the back of his car. He was pushed forward into the concrete divider and died instantly. We where waiting for him to call us that night, since we got addicted to having chicken wings at the diner near home. He didn’t answer his phone, nor call us back. We thought he was tired and just went straight home.

I remember my mother calling me the next morning at 6am, telling me that he was gone. I couldn’t belive it, and still can’t. It was a very sad day. I think it was the hardest loss to cope with, since we had just seen him the day before, and the next day he was gone.

The man driving the other car only received 4 years in jail. I will never forget this person’s name, or his face. He said many things, he apologized, and that he was sorry. But none of his words meant nothing…because of him Aris was gone.

My cousin is ( don’t like saying was, because he will always be)  a wonderful person, full of life, ideas and dreams.  I miss him dearly..we all miss him dearly. You never know when life can end….so always live life to the fullest. Live a happy life, and cherish every single moment.

In the end we will see each other again 🙂

My cousins Maria Azucena and Aris.
from bottom left to right, that is me in the lower left with the red and white square dress, my cousin Cesar, my sister Maria, not sure who that is, my cousin Mari Azucena, my cousin Maria Luisa, Aris ( with the big hat ), my cousin Manuel, and my cousin Marilu, and don’t know who is that last one lol.

I don’t want this to be a sad post, although I am left with tears, and ok it’s kind of sad…I want you all to know what he ment to me, and for those of you who had the pleasure of knowing him, to always keep remembering him :).

3 thoughts on “Aris <3

  1. Wow Oky! So sorry to read this post. May your cousin RIP. You know there are too many people out there DWI. Its a shame. They always think that it wont happen to them but bottom line is that alcohol does make you irratic and distorted. And you read so many stories and people still do it. I know it must have been hard on the family. I lost a sister too, to stomach cancer and it was the worst feeling ever for my entire family losing a loved one and especially so close as a sister….They will always remain in our hearts and ofcourse, one day we will all be together!

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