Smurfs :)

Wow, it’s amazing how fast time goes by. How much things change, how fast we grow. I remember being little and watching this cartoon, along with Thunder Cats, Yogi Bear, Speed racer ( not too many episodes since it was before my time lol ), Gumby lol, the Jetson’s, Popeye, the Flintstone’s, Candy ( from Peru), and so many other I can’t remember lol….Back then we didn’t have many channels, now…forget about it, we have a channel for everything. I also remember putting a fork in the antenna so that it could work better lol lol.

I am happy to say I had a pretty good childhood. I sometimes wish I could relive many great memories. Now we build our own memories. We live our life the way we choose to. Life is so sweet, and bitter at times…but those sweet moment…will always live on 🙂

These Smurf cookies are for Grace, I hope she has a wonderful Birthday!

Well, I”m off to my happy land. Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

Can you remember any other shows from a long time ago? 🙂

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