Hello Kitty, Hello my friend!

I loooooooooooooooooove Hello Kitty. It’s one of my biggest passions. My daughter’s room is all Hello Kitty, I sometimes stay in there and play with her toys lol.

I made this cookie bouquet for a Little birthday girl named Mia. I hope she enjoys the cookies!

I have been quite busy lately, with doing samples, and regular orders. I have to keep reminding myself to stop and breathe every now and then lol. I know I’m getting a bit stressed once my eye starts twitching lol…so I will make sure I take one step at a time, and not over do it.

Working at the Hello Kitty store was my favorite job ever..I was 16 then. It was a franchise, with just one owner. Peter was a great boss, he used to take all the girls karaoke with his wife too, she sang beautifully. I was in charge of pretty much everything. From ordering, to merchandising, and opening/closing the store.  I loved going to work everyday, I really did…getting new merchandise was like Christmas all over again. Half of my paycheck would go there….good times.

I told Johnny that he must take me one day to Euroland (Disneyland but all about Hello Kitty)..the flight tickes are quite expensive, so I must sell many cookies lol……I can’t wait :).

Have a great Wednesday everyone! (its tuesday 11:24 p.m. now lol , bit too late to wish a happy Tuesday) . Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Hello Kitty, Hello my friend!

  1. I think most grown women love Hello Kitty! The cookies look amAzing as per usual! Its stressful but you are,havibg such great success with your cookies, its great that they keep you busy and that you continue to expand!

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