Oh no they didn’t!!!

Ok so last week, friday to be exact, I was on my way home but decided to stop by Wendy’s, located in Avenel NJ. (St. Georges ave., right after the bridge). I ordered a spicy chicken combo for me, a baconator for my hubby, and chicken nuggets for my monster. Total was $19.90.  Zofia was with me in the back seat, yelling “nuggets! nuggets!”…she was demanding her nuggets… Once I received my order I overlooked it to make sure everything was there, but since there where so many items, I just kept going. Well….when I got home, there where no nuggets. My daughter was very upset, and I was really pissed off lol.

I have purchased food from Wendy’s before, and yes they do forget to put food sometimes, and I never really bothered to complain about it. But this time I was pissed. I called and spoke to the manager and told her how upset my daughter and I where. I knew it was only $1.29 for the nuggets, and normally I wouldn’t get so crazy about it, but enough was enough. I told her that she really needs to retrain her employees, to make sure they take their time getting the orders correct, because a happy customer will come back again…a not so happy customer ( me) will make sure something gets done about it, and not return again. The manager there apologized and offered me the whole meal for free next time. I said, although that was not my intention, I really appreciated it, but to please make sure she has a good talk with her employees.

Well that following sunday I went to Wendy’s, through the drive through. I told them who I was, and that I only wanted the chicken nuggets, fries and small apple juice for my daughter. Pulled up to the window, and the same attendant that serviced me friday, was servicing me again. I took the bag and went to my In law’s house. When I opened the bag, there was a cheeseburger instead of the nuggets………………………………steam was coming out of my nostrils at this point lol…I couldn’t believe it, I thought I was being punked or something.

I called right away and spoke to the assistant manager, he said he was sorry and that the attendant gave me the wrong order ( DUH!)…I asked him for his district managers name, store location, and the name of the attendant as well as his. He offered me a new meal, but I said no, that I didn’t want to be aggravated again. I called the District manager and left him a not so nice message about the service I received. I also went online and wrote a big comment about this situation.

I don’t normally do this, but I couldn’t understand how hard it was to get some frikkin nuggets lol…..I can think of how many times I have missed food from my orders, and didn’t really feel like going back and saying something. Now I make sure I check my order thoroughly even if there is a line of cars honking at me to move lol….

You don’t mess with my food, and if you do beware! lol

Happy Friday! I will be boycotting Wendy’s for a bit. lol

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