I can smell the coffee :)

I love Dunkin Donut’s, although a lot of people prefer Starbucks, but I stick with DD’s…I love going there and having them just do my order without asking me, since they know what I like :).  Not all locations are the same, that is why I stick to the one by my house :). I love getting munchkins for my kids, as they remind me of when we used to give them out in school for birthdays lol…you would get one munchkin and a pencil, the smelly kind :).

I was never a big coffee drinker, more of a chamomile tea lover. But once you have kids, you need coffee! lol I like my coffee with lot’s and lot’s of milk and very sweet, and with a corn muffin. At home I drink a lot of Sanka, I am addicted to that too lol..my monster Zofia loves Sanka too, I only give her a little to taste since it is all de-caf :).

I’m hungry now lol, thanks me!

I made these cookies for my friend Silvia. I went to high school with her and our parents are great friends. Her father is a very funny man, he always has funny jokes. She has two beautiful monsters as well. I have known her for 14 years…we are old Silvia lol…we don’t hang out everyday, nor we see each other everyday, but when we do we always catch up, and continue where we left off in our last gossip session lol..I told her I would make her cookies if she would learn how to share my Facebook page, and she did it!! woo hoo, go Silvia, go Silvia lol. I can picture her saying, “oh Marge”…she is the only one who calls me Marge lol.

Friends come and go, the few good ones will be there forever. You can have a very busy life, and sometimes we don’t call or talk as much as we used to, but when you do get to spend time with friends, you have so much more to talk about, so many new things to share. Everyone has a busy life, whether you have kids, or lot’s and lot’s of work….spending time with friends and family is a must, so call up a friend you haven’t seen much of lately, or call your Aunt in Peru, and say “Hello!”…make time to enjoy life, work will always be there…don’t let life pass you by!

4 thoughts on “I can smell the coffee :)

  1. I’m a coffee addict too. I drink it at least three to four times a day……I wonder if I will ever drink less! I love these cookies. They turned out great. After seeing your cookies I went to Dunkin Doughnuts and got me a coffee with a boston creme doughnut. Thank you for the craving! jajaajajaj. Keep up the good work. Awesome!

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