Beer and Sports :)

Not a huge fan of beer, but every now and then a nice cold Coronita fits in nice :). I made these cookies for Sue, who will be giving her husband these cookies. It is actually going to be a cookie basket, but I will put it together tomorrow. He loves beer and soccer, so she asked me to make these specially for him. I hope he enjoys them 🙂

I am not a big sports fan either lol, although I do like watching tennis…yep that’s about it lol..I usually fall asleep watching other sports, unless it is super bowl time, that I do like. Not the game so much, but all the food my friends make for that day lol lol…

I also made these New York Yankee cookies for a special birthday boy. He is a huge Yankee fan, so I hope they make his birthday even more special 🙂

I get a lot of compliments on my cookies, so thank you all very much! I try my best, and I hope to make people happy 🙂

Ohhh….Congratulations to Heather Jones Paganelli!!! She is the winner of my oky’s cookies contest! I’m so excited to make a lot of cookies for her nomination: Brystol-Myers Squibb Childrens Hospital. She will accompany me when we deliver the cookies…looking forward to seeing many happy children.

Happy Friday!!! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!!!!

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