192 Names….

What a long Tuesday it has been for me…I must say that my hand needs a rest lol…I just finished ( 4:49 a.m.) a pretty big order, which I am very proud of. Originally I wanted to just use my edible printer and have the computer do all the work, but Rachel the bride to be,  really liked the hand written version, so to make her happy I wrote out all of her 190 guest names, and did 1 cookie for the Bride, and 1 for the Groom. I will probably keep seeing the name Brownwell, Ackerman, and Seaton in my head for the next week since they where the biggest families I did lol…I hope she enjoys the cookies, and that this Friday coming up is a wonderful day for her and Jon!

So after the ride I had yesterday, by the way after blogging about it I felt much better, I had a talk with my hubby. He texted me in the morning asking if I was ok and telling me that he loves me very much and hates to see me like that…that made my morning 🙂 . Like I mentioned, Tuesday was a busy day for me because I was finishing up this wonderful order…but when my hubby came home he told me to get dressed because he was taking me somewhere. So off we went, and where did he take me? Happy land of course lol lol…and since it takes us 1 hr and 30 minutes to get there, we had a very nice long talk.

My husband tries to do as much as he can, but sometimes I need him to do a lot more, and I need to let him know what that “a lot more” is…. which is what I explained to him. And I don’t need him to be superman every single day or moment, I need him to be there the most when I do have big orders and I need to focus on getting them done, meaning that he has to play the mommy role for a bit. He understood what I was trying to say, and he is going to make sure he does more things around the house to make it “easier” for me… He knows how much I do everyday, and he appreciates me for being who I am, although he did say that I can be a pain in the butt sometimes lol lol.

One thing he told me that I will never forget, is that we need to make time for each other…that he misses me.  He misses the “us” time. Having my kids, and running my business, well it takes up a lot of my time, and it is only getting busier and busier. I need to make sure that the same way I make time for my kids, I also make time for him. he knows that I love him, and I know that he loves me, but we need to express it more.

He loves me, he truly loves me. And I love him too.

I can breathe better now…the knot in my chest has gone away…hoping for it to not return… a day at a time…take it easy…don’t rush.

I can only do so much, and I have to understand that.

Happy Wednesday!!

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