One step at a time :)

The celebration of a new baby making its way into this world 🙂 Congratulations Abby and Sergio! I hope you enjoy these cookies 🙂

I had a tough last 2 days. Being sick, kids having way too much energy, and orders to do..I just wanted to stay in bed all day. But duty calls, and cookies must get baked and decorated! lol.

In 2007 I had my gall bladder removed, and ever since then I have not been the same. I love spicy foods, and I love passion fruit, but it’s a killer to me. I am supposed to watch what I eat, but honestly…I don’t lol. I know it will bite me in the booty, like it did these last two days, but I will keep on eating what I like ( stubborn..maybe).

I love my kids, I do..but I wish I had a mute button these past two days…my daughter Zofia is in the “mine” stage, and my son Charlie is in the “huh? I put it in my mouth” stage…I love to see Charlie go after Zofia for a toy, and Zofia running scared from this little monster lol.. But my kids do make a lot of noise, and feeling sick just was not working out. You have to have a lot of energy, and patience with kids. I sometimes have to admit that the patience part does not function well…specially when my son is sleeping and Zofia decides to make a lot of noise, and me telling her to be quiet, and her yelling “ok mommy, ok mommy” over and over and over..until Charlie wakes up….(taking big breath)….well, it gets to me sometimes. So what do I do? I take Zofia and sit her on my lap and explain to her that Charlie is sleeping, the way she sleeps at night. I tell her that we need to be a little bit quiet for a little time, and then we can play again. She then says “ok mommy” in a low voice lol. I know I can sometimes yell at her , but I know she’s just going to learn how to yell back. So I try to explain to her everything, and this is something I learned from my sister Maite. She always , always explained to us what we where doing wrong, and why we shouldn’t do it. My mom or dad, well you would just get a smack lol. Parenting is what you make of it. There is no good way or wrong way, well at least it’s what I think. You can teach your kids so much, but in the end it is up to them what they decide to do…who they become. I try to give them as much love, understanding, and patience that I can. I don’t want to rush them, or pressure them to get things done fast. I will be there to guide them, and to let them know that it is ok if they fall, or get a booboo, or make a mistake. I want my kids to be able to come to me for anything, anything at all. I don’t want them to be scared, or embarrassed. I love my kids, and I would do anything for them.

One step at a time..before you know it, time has gone by….They are my present, my future…I will treasure them no matter what. And even when I am old, they will know that they are always in my heart. (that just rhymed lol).

Love your kids, treasure them. One day they will leave you to go live their own lives, but they will always be your babies. They will think of you when they have their own kids, and of how you where to them at that certain time, certain moment. I hope they follow in my footsteps.

Love to all, have a great weekend!

I must go deliver these cookies now 🙂

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