11 years.

I know there will be plenty of posts about today, remembering what happened, all those lives lost, all the chaos….I am amazed at how it’s been 11 years since it happened, and it feels like as if it happened just yesterday. I always say enjoy the moment, enjoy your family and friends, because you never know what could happen. Those people didn’t know what was going to happen, everyone just went on their everyday lives, everyday routine.

I know things happen for a reason, but what was the reason for that?

There are so many things that have happened, that are happening in this world, and we don’t get to hear about them. This is one of the things that everyone heard and knows about.

I remember my dad calling me to see where I was, because Tuesday’s and Thursday’s where my city days. I would take the train to 34th st. and walk to 42nd , specially to go to the Hello Kitty store. That Tuesday I was home, and my dad told me to turn on the tv…… . I can’t imagine what it would be like, to be high in a building and not being able to leave. I can’t imagine what it would be like, being a fireman or cop trying to go up a building to help people, not knowing that the building would collapse. I can’t imagine what it was to be in an airplane going home , and not knowing that you where not going to reach your destination….I can’t imagine being a Mother, Father, Wife, Husband,  Daughter, Son..calling my loved one and seeing if they are ok, if they made it out safe. I can’t imaging being the one telling their loved ones, that their Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Son or Daughter, did not make it.

I don’t want it to be a sad day, although remembering these moments does bring sadness. I want us to remember the special moments you had with your lost loved ones. Those moments will live on forever. They will live on forever.

We don’t get to choose what happens in our lives, we don’t get to choose when we die….but we do get to live the way we want to live. So live a happy life, do what makes you happy.

love to all !

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