time to edit….

Birthday cookie pops for Jadiele 🙂
Baby shower cookies for Karen 🙂
Bachelorette cookies for Sam 🙂

These are some of the orders I had for this week :), I have 5 more to do 🙂 I hope they enjoy all these wonderful cookies :).

I have been editing my pictures using Pixlr , http://pixlr.com/ , it is a free site that you can edit all your pictures for free. I love it, since it allows me to make photo collages of my pictures. It gives you many layout options, border options, backgrounds, etc. I Have always taken single pictures and uploaded them onto Facebook that way, but lately I have been just editing them into one big collage of pictures, which I happen to like much better. I am still yet to work on getting better lighting for my pictures, specially since I don’t get much natural light in my house.

I think having pretty pictures help your cookies look even better. To me it’s not just about looking pretty it is also about tasting good, that is why I ask a lot of my customers to leave me any feedback or comments, whether good or bad, on my Facebook page. Trial and error, it is all a learning experience :).  But so far it has been positive comments, so thank you all!

Presentation is also a big plus. So having cute boxes, pretty ribbon, and nice favor tags is a must! I have yet to organize all my ribbon lol, and boxes, but one day at a time 🙂

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! It is a sunny day here, I must get back to baking again, but I will make sure I make some time to enjoy this beautiful day!

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