Amen :)

Have a wonderful Christening Brody! I love making monogram cookies 🙂 Simple and beautiful. A lot of dot’s went into these cookies, and a lot of thoughts too. Just thinking about how we raise our children, how we teach them about God. I have to admit that I don’t go to church as much, but the times I do, I enjoy it very much. I always think about my family and pray for them. I think about the people that I have lost, and talk to them there. I thank God for all the good and bad that has come my way. I feel enlightened, and cry at times there.

My parents would always take us to church every sunday..when you are little, it’s a bit boring lol . But after church, we would always go to eat a nice restaurant. My father’s family is pretty big, so they would put alot of tables together in form of a U. We would all sit there and eat, all the little kids towards the end. I loved eating peaches for dessert. El Mochica, was the name of the restaurant, located on the beach. Once we would finish dinner, we would go into the beach area and play. We buried a little bug one time there lol..when you are a kid, your imagination can take you to many places, and we had very big imaginations lol. Good times.


My week was really busy, but a big thank you to Johnny, for helping me package cookies 🙂

He did such a great work, and asked me to pay him with cookies :). He helped me tie the bows lol 🙂 although he did complain that his fingers are too big, and if he had bigger ribbon he would be much faster lol.

Packaging cookies can take a pretty long time, specially if you have more than 40 to do, but a little music on, and you can get it done pretty fast.

Have a wonderful sunday everyone, I will be making a lot of cookies this coming week, can’t wait to post more pictures up!

Love to all!

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