That first kiss….


A kiss…nothing quite like it 🙂

My first kiss was a very , very long time ago. Anthony was his name, a cute boy back then. I had dared him to put his finger in hot oil, since he was making a cheese steak. He would get a kiss if he did… lol..Kids…lol. Well, he put his finger in that hot oil, and won a kiss. I think I was 9 or 10 then, can’t quite remember. I had a huge crush on him, but of course, I didn’t want him to know since he was my friends brother lol.

I haven’t kissed many boys, lol really I haven’t. My first boyfriend was Diego, who was such a sweet boy. I was 12 then, and we would go to the park, play with our friends. We would sit outside my house and talk about how our days went, what we did…His father was a close friend of my mother. I actually have a picture of my birthday party when I was 3 or 4, and he is in it…lol..He used to pass by my house yelling ” Margarita I love you”, lol….My second boyfriend Elliot was nice too. He would take me to church with him, his family was very religious. And I really enjoyed going to his church, there was a lot of singing there. I remember that for christmas he bought me a big Badtz Maru stuffed animal, and a gold heart necklace. I was so happy, I think I bought him some tims, can’t quite remember lol. I was 15 then.

I lived a single life for a while. It was all about me then, didn’t really care much about anyone else. I had some admirers, met cute boys, but no one that I would want to have as a boyfriend. My focus was into work, and doing the things I wanted to do. I was a bit mature for my age I think. That teenage turning into adult stage is killer…I’m ready for when Zofia and Charlie go through that stage lol..

I did have a friend, well he is still my friend, Martin. He used to be the cutest boy ever (you are still cute my friend lol ). He is the son of one of my mother’s friend. I can honestly say that I had a huge crush on him, and we did become close at one point, but when you are friends with someone, and you learn many things from that person, sometimes your feelings change. As much as I liked him, I knew that even if we ever did date, that it would just not work out. We where in two different worlds. He is a father of two beautiful children now,  and his children have definitely given him the drive to be the best that he can be.

When you are young and you have your first boyfriend, you think that he will be the love of your life, until you breakup, cry a month about it, and move on. You meet so many people in your life, some that leave you great memories, and some that when you look back you say “what the hell was I thinking?”….You do things you would never have done before, you learn to love, and what it means to love someone. You learn what heartache is, and how to overcome it. You learn to forgive, and try hard to forget. You learn that sometimes the people who you trust the most, are the first ones to hurt you. You learn about yourself, and how strong you can be.

In my life I have a lot of good memories, and very few that I wish weren’t there, but that is what life is about. I look back to all the “boy” moments in my life, and I smile. I am Happy to be loved by a Man who would do anything in this world for our kids and me. A Man who even though he gets home from work, tired and hungry, sits down on the floor and plays princess with his daughter, and makes robot sounds for his son to see him laugh. I really hope we grow old together, and that our love lasts forever.

Margarita and Johnny, kissing in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G , first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Zofia and Charlie baby! lol lol

Happy Monday!! love to all!

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