Sisterly love..

I received a text today, “look outside your door”..mind you, I was baking and had my apron on, flour everywhere, and my hair in a bun as usual. There was a small box in my mailbox. I opened it and :

My birthday is October 3, and Maite made my day today! I was so happy when I opened it,  it made me tear…gosh I get so emotional lately…Thank you Maite, I love you!

I have two sisters, and two brothers. Maite 40, Jose 29, Jorge 17, and Natalia 15. Actually, Maite is 32 lol….(had to do it lol lol )…I have two fathers, Antonio is my biological father, and when he and my mother divorced, he re-married and Jorge was born :). My mother also re-married and Natalia was born. My dad Carlos took on a heavy load when he married my mother, he got us lol. I love both of my fathers. It has taking me a long time to be able to call Carlos “Dad”…to feel comfortable saying it, and feeling it. I love him very much.

Maite and I didn’t get along very much back then, but as we have grown we have definitely become closer. She’s a very intelligent woman, uses big words that I don’t understand sometimes, can be very blunt and honest, and has a great big heart. She has always looked after us, and taken good care of us.

Natalia….well, she’s a pain in my butt lol…she’s in the teenage stage transitioning into young adult =confused and misunderstood. lol. She is a smart cookie, my mother-in-law calls me that ” you are a smart cookie my dear”…., she’s a beautiful young lady, who I hope makes the right decisions when hard times may come. I love my little chipmunk.

I  love my sisters, and I hope we can always be able to meet up , and talk about our husbands, and boyfriends lol…gossip, go shopping….just spend time together. I love you both very much, and I am happy that you are in my life, well most of the time…lol lol just kidding…all the time.

You guys are stuck with me for life…sorry lol lol lol

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