Cookies, Cookies, Cookies




I still have more pictures to post, but I must make breakfast for the hubby and monster’s, a continental breakfast as I promised. And I also have to deliver these cookies πŸ™‚

As I was editing my pictures and adding them onto the collage, I realized that the oky’s cookies logo sometimes makes it difficult to find a certain layout since it takes up one whole space, so I did something different this time. I just added in some text with a very light color , this way you can still appreciate the picture πŸ™‚ I’m thinking this is the way I will be doing all my pictures from now…some things work better, and it’s all about learning. I look back at how I first started posting my pictures, and I can see such a big difference now :).

My monster’s are sick, Johnny is getting sick, my throat is feeling a little weird…I hope we all get better soon! We took our kids to Dr. Samonte, who we love dearly. She is so great with our kids. Zofia was so cooperative, and friendly with her. She kept singing ” time for a checkup, time for a checkup”, ” I feel better so much better”….I guess watching Dr. McStuffins on the Disney channel has helped her overcome her fear of theΒ DocΒ lol. Of course she has an ear infection, and Charlie has Croup :(..The Doc prescribed steroids for him, and Johnny being silly asked if he could have some too, so he can be like Arnold.

I have been up since 5:23 am..Picking up the toys, washed some dishes…posted pictures on Facebook, and now writing on my Blog.. I have cookies waiting to be hand painted ( peacocks for a special birthday girl)…My mind is working non stop, but today I will have a wonderful family day! Sick and all, we are going to have fun!

Love to all!

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