Peanut :)

I found this in a blog by Michelle Allen,  , she is a wonderful artist. I really love this painting, and I tried to use this as a model for my cookie, I omitted certain things and added a little bit of feathers. I’m not a great painter, but I really tried my best :). It’s amazing of how much talent is out there, the love for the art is huge!

Here is what I drew on the cookies for Madison:

It did take me quite some time to make and paint these cookies, but I had so much fun making them. I had to get a system going since one cookie alone took many different colors and switching brushes was a pain lol, I had told johnny that it would only take me a few hours, but it ended being more than 9 lol.


Madison is a wonderful little girl, who loves to dance and sign. She has a wonderful soul, and a great personality. She has great parents who love her dearly, a little brother who can be a little monster sometimes but loves her unconditionally, and a wonderful dog who has watched over her for a very long time. Her actual birthday is September 24, she is turning 7 but she celebrated her birthday party today 🙂 . I wish her the best!




Here are a few pictures of her birthday party and the beautiful decorations that her mother Melissa did for her :

We had a great time today, great food, great people.

Happy sunday!! Lot’s of love!

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