The power within..

Happy Birthday Zach! I hope you have a wonderful 1st birthday! Such a cute little boy..I hope you get to eat at least 1 cookie πŸ™‚

Today showed me how strong I can be…how no matter how tired and achy I may be, I can pull through. Today made me realize that there will be plenty of tough days, but I can handle it, as long as I have support. After having onlyΒ 4 hours of sleep last night, feedings, diaper changes, cleaning my house, moping the floor, baking more, decorating more….I took a bath and laid down, and it was the best 3 hours I could have possibly had. My daughter Zofia came into my bed and fell asleep with me, I couldn’t even hug her…my arms where so achy, like never before.

It has been a very busy month for me, and it is only getting busier. My business is doing really good, and I thank you all for that. I just question if I can continue doing it all by myself. I can only do so much , and I honestly think I need extra help. I have said before that I want my business to grow, and succeed. It is definitely becoming more and more of a challenge trying to make time for everything. I have been baking almost everyday lately, and it’s becoming a bit overwhelming…but as much as I tell myself that I can do it, “I can do it”, there comes a breaking point. I have to decide what I need to do, wether teach and train someone to help me with my orders, wrapping, etc. Or just take fewer orders, which is definitely not the route I want to take lol…so training it is lol.

I want a happy life, a balanced life…. I want to keep on growing, order by order. I want to do a great job.

We are challenged everyday, life is not easy..we just have to make it work. We have to make decisions , changes…that will help us in the end. Everyone has that power within, that comes out when you feel like crashing down….I don’t want to crash.

I am still finishing some orders which I am looking forward to seeing their final result, and come next Wednesday, I will take that whole day to myself, and celebrate Me…yes it’s my birthday, 31 woo hoo!…it will be a day dedicated to just ME! lol

Dream it, wish it, do it!

lot’s of love!!!

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