Are you ready?

Here is Saul receiving his cookies! Great makeup by the way! I hope he enjoyed them 🙂 Here are a some orders I did this weekend 🙂 One of my favorite customers is Marijean L., and how cute are her little monster’s? 🙂 These were made for her daughter’s pre-k class Halloween party! These were made… Read More Are you ready?

Dr. who?

Linda T. ordered these for her daughter who is having twins :), I hope she likes them! I had a bit of an issue with the twin 1 and twin 2 cookies, they did bleed a little, but they still look cute :). It is such a neat theme, and it is definitely not quite used often. I was… Read More Dr. who?

Time for a Halloween contest!! who want’s free cookies???

Hello all!!! with Halloween around the corner, why not a quick contest to win free Halloween cookies?? who wouldn’t want some yummy cookies?? So let’s do it!….Ok so what you need to do is: email me a picture of yourself wearing your favorite Halloween costume, it does not matter from how long ago it was,… Read More Time for a Halloween contest!! who want’s free cookies???