like mother, like daughter..

These were logo cookies I did using my edible printer for Tia, they came out cute until I noticed that once bagged, the frosting sheet was sticking to the wrapper…I did not give it enough drying time :(….but overall they look really cute :)…note to self: don’t rush! take your time! It was really nice to meet Tia, I felt such great energy coming from her and her leopard pumps were just amazing lol.

I also made this cookie basket for Gail who was giving it to her friend as a birthday gift. I hand painted some, used frosting sheets, and my regular royal icing. I love how they came out, such a nice gift :).  I hope her friend Nicole enjoys it!


Last but not least, I made these baby shower cookies for Karen, who was giving them as part of a gift to her cousin Pamela.. love the color combo!

I had a wonderful day today. I spent almost the whole day at bruja’s house…I call my mother bruja, it means witch in spanish lol.. I realized that I am so much like my mother, I even laugh like her lol. Zofia gets away with a lot of things there, specially with saying, “no!” she knows she has grandma and grandpa to run to for cover lol.. She made short ribs, sausages, fish, and seafood pasta….delish. She is such a great cook.

I have mentioned before that my mother is a very strong woman. She is very intelligent, blunt and straight to the point, great advice giver, great listener, a great friend. She may sometimes call me Tati, Jose , maria lol, but I love her dearly.

I see a lot of her in me, our characters are quite the same. We can be stubborn at times..always pushing forward, not wanting to show any sign of weakness, not admitting that we are wrong. I love my mother with all my heart, even when we may argue or disagree. I see now the struggles of being a mother, and wanting to do the best for your children. I appreciate the things she did, and the sacrifices she made. I am who I am because of her. I love you mom!

Almost 31 years ago………My sister Maria, My mother and little me just being born 🙂

Now almost 31 years later…….My mother with Zofia and Charlie :).

She is a big part of my life, stuck with her forever…wouldn’t change her for anything in this world.


Happy Sunday! Love to all!




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