Relax, Refresh, Re-Energize…

I died and went to heaven today…..I have never, ever experienced something like this…It was one of the best days of my life, and I will make sure I have plenty more like this. All thanks to my wonderful sister Maite, you made my day today!

I thought today we were just going to meet and have lunch..well, she left me in a nail salon/spa, she told me that it wasn’t a lunch, and that she would pick me up in an hour or so..and she was gone. As I entered, they just asked me to pick a color, so I did…a nice red color :). I was brought into this small room where there was this altar, well not an altar but it sure felt like it. It was a chair and in the bottom was the little water tub, looked like a mini jacuzzi lol. The lady did my pedicure and gave me a wonderful leg massage. Then they brought me into a room where she asked me to put a robe on, which covered my mid area..thank god I wore matching undies lol…I laid down, and I entered heaven.

She put a warm gel mask on my face, and she finished painting my toes as I was still laying down. When she was done, a man came in and told me to relax, and I did. I could hear him pumping the lotion bottle and rubbing his hands. He started massaging my neck, and would bring his hands up to my head, putting his fingers through my hair, every now and then,  moving my ears  and bending them over a bit…it is hard to explain the feeling, it reminded me the way my mother used to scratch my head when I was young, the way I now scratch Zofia’s head to make her sleep. He then massaged my arms, one by one, and would go back to my neck. Left side first, then right…back to my neck, and hair again. He put this water bag thingy in my belly, it was nice and warm, and then he started massaging my legs, feet, thighs. He asked me to turn over, and I did. He massaged my back arms, my back, lower back, legs, and feet. You know when you are little and you give a massage and you just hit the back like as if you where chopping meat? well he kind of did that, but the way he did it made my body vibrate, specially on my arms and hands…it was a feeling I will never forget. He would constantly put lotion on, and he would make sure my body was warm, by placing hot towels all over. The warmth of the towels were so relaxing, the smell of the lotion, the music playing…beautiful.  I don’t remember him leaving, since I kind of snoozed off lol…I woke up to the sound of my snore, and the lady came in and told me to take my time. I don’t know how long I was sleeping for, but I wanted to keep on sleeping lol lol…

Karen and Eddy are the owners of Charms Nails & Spa located in Carlstadt NJ, they have a Facebook page: Charms-Nails-Spa . Karen and Eddy are married and they both own and work in this Nail salon/Spa. I highly, highly recommend going there if you are in the area. They did a wonderful job, that I will never forget. I even made an appointment for Johnny 🙂 .

When I walked out, I felt like a new me. I was there about 2 1/2 hours lol, relaxed like never before. I plan to go there once a month, and re-live this experience again.

I made these cookies for my sister Maite, well she ordered them as a gift for her sister-in-law Kyle, whose birthday is this weekend and lives in another state. Kyle happens to love the Syfy show Doctor Who, and my sister sent me a picture of it since I don’t watch much tv unless it’s the Disney channel or Nick Jr. . I hope she enjoys it 🙂

this is a picture of the police box

I once used to rule my tv and remote control, now it has been taken over by my monster’s lol. I want to thank my sister once again, this was the best birthday gift ever. She even gave me a bag filled with her favorite body lotions, shampoo, makeup, etc. She knew I needed some relax time, and she made this happen for me. Thank you!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, tomorrow is a very special day for me, can’t wait to have some cake!!!…Happy Tuesday! Love to all!.


4 thoughts on “Relax, Refresh, Re-Energize…

  1. Daniel and I read this together and we are sO happy you enjoyed the spa day. 😀 Remember you always need to take a little time to recharge and center yourself. See you tomorrow for cake,
    Love you!

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