oh what a night..lol

I could not feel my toes lol, so much dancing, so much fun. Thank god for flip flops…which by the way my heels where only 2″ high lol. I don’t think they are even considered heels, but from always being on flats, even barefooted at times, it was nice to feel a bit taller.

I had a wonderful dinner at Cubanu Restaurant in downtown Rahway. Food was great although small portions..and I like to eat a lot lol…but it was really good. Music was really good as well, and the company was great. I am not a big drinker, so I only had a few Malibu’s, and 1 red bull because when we finished dinner I just wanted to sleep. Knowing that my monster’s were with grandma, I kept thinking of my bed and plenty of sleep, but since it was celebration time (freedom !), I energized myself up and got on that dance floor and shook my booty. I love dancing, and so does Johnny..he is a really good dancer, he can dance alone and get plenty of attention, specially when he does his “booty shaking” moves lol..he sure makes it a fun time. I don’t mind other ladies trying to dance with him, it’s kind of funny actually since he usually walks away from them lol, it’s hard to be a sexy woman with a hot hubby lol lol lol.

As you get older, a lot of things change specially when you become parents. We used to go out a lot back then, and come home around 4 or 5 a.m…now, we just want to sleep lol. It is nice to get out every now and then, it makes us feel young again. I mean, we do feel young, but we have other responsibilities now, and having those couple of hours to do whatever we want to do , just the two of us…priceless. So a big thank you to my Bruja, Dad, and Tati, for watching and having a sleep over with the monster’s!

I don’t often get dressed up. I very rarely do my hair and wear makeup…but when I do, I look different lol. My son couldn’t even recognize me until I called him “Gordo”. I just got layers  and straightened my hair…it sure makes a difference. My Zofia kept saying, “mommy you look beautiful”, she put a smile on my face :).  If I had the time, I would look lovely everyday, but my reality is wearing sweats, hair tied up, apron on, and flour all over..If you ever see me with hair down, lucky you. How things change…

I hope to have many more birthday, to keep getting wiser. I always said that I would not dye my hair, that I would let my white hairs take over like my grandmother Teresa. She had beautiful white hair….I’m sticking by it. I’m only 31, and I have plenty of lessons to still learn. Many more ups and downs. Many more tears and smiles…In the end, I will look back and remember these great moments lived….I will smile.

Just a few pictures of my fun night 🙂 :

I have to finish my 310 wedding cookies lol, It must get done!

Happy sunday! Love to all! A huge Happy Birthday to all my lovely Libra’s 🙂

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