Cancer Cancer go away…please don’t ever come again…

If there was a cure that can just make it disappear….

I wanted to take some time away from my baking, to write about this topic..I did two orders that involved making cookies for this cause. The first one was an order that my friend Karen had asked me to specially make for her..she had just found out that an old friend of hers has Leukemia, and she wanted to give her something special, so this is what I did:

Karen had emailed me the logo, which is something that Bebe and her close friends have gotten tattooed on. So I tried to make it as close as possible :). I have met Bebe before, she used to work with my sister Maite a long time ago, she actually even dated my brother at some point. I never really got to know her that much, since back then I was all about Johnny…I believe she is a couple of years  younger than me….she is doing her treatments now…she is fighting it 🙂

Bebe 🙂

I really hope she stays strong and positive…that she keeps smiling 🙂

I also did these pink ribbons for my friend Dolores, she keeps me busy baking every week for her lol :

Dolores Has family members tha have breast cancer, and some that have passed away from it as well.

I don’t want to make my sister cry when she reads this blog, it is not my intention… My sister has always been like a mother to me..she has always loved kids, and I know she would be a great mother. Unfortunately she wont be able to have any of her own due to her condition…I am not going to get into detail about’s one of those things that I rather just block off and forget about….and I know she rather too. The reason I bring this up is because you never know what life has in store for you…she is a very strong woman, and this is the hardest thing that I think she has had to face, that she is still facing every day…She is doing good now, although she needs to have constant check ups…I am happy that I have my monster’s for her to be with, but I know it may sometimes be hard for her. Maite, you can have them, both of them lol. I love you!

I have another very close person, whom I love very much…that has Lymphoma, and if you saw him you wouldn’t even know he had it. He has always been a very healthy person, full of energy,….and boom….it just happened.  He is doing his treatments now, and he is doing very good, although chemo can be tough sometimes, but he is a strong cookie :). I won’t say who it is, since not many people know about what he is going through. I just want him to know, if he happens to read this, that I love you very much!

Life is full of surprises, good and bad.  It makes me think of how easy we have it sometimes, and yet we still complain. While there are people struggling everyday, fighting to survive.

I would soooo upload Beyonce’s song “Survivor”, but my technical abilities are not at that level yet lol. Now it’s going to be in my head all day long.
Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!

Love to all!

3 thoughts on “Cancer Cancer go away…please don’t ever come again…

  1. Reblogged this on Maitesayz's Blog and commented:
    If you are lucky, you think you are invisible when you are young, like the bad can never touch you, just every one else. But the reality is that you just hope it never will until sometimes it does. The older you get you realize that life is like a candle that can very easily be blown out. Once you are touched by this knowledge you can never unlearn it. Time no longer feels abundant, the tic toc of it’s passing is engraved in you and if you are lucky, you let that constant reminder push you in spite of your fear to keep moving forward, because there is no going back. There is no time for regrets, you just gotta play the hand life has dealt you and be stronger than you thought possible. Some for you, but mostly for the people that love you, it’s harder to give up on yourself when you have others counting on you to get through. They give you that extra push to keep fighting even when you’re tired and feeling hopeless. But even when things get better, if they get better, it doesn’t leave you. You just learn to live with it and hope you get to live through it.

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