Masquerade cookies :)

These are on their way to Cali, I hope they are enjoyed!

Shipping cookies is a lot of work. You have to make sure they are nicely packaged, safe and secure. I use a lot of bubble wrap, specially if the cookies are just in cellophane bags. If it is a local shipment I don’t go too crazy with the bubble wrap. But if it going somewhere far, I do :). I love going to my post office, the people there are very friendly, and they have gotten to know me a lot better lol. I will be making them some cookies for christmas :), as a thank you for all their help.

I don’t charge extra for shipping, my customers just pay the shipping charge. A couple of people have asked me why I don’t, and to be honest, although I do spend money on boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc….I don’t know why lol..I just don’t, and maybe in the far future when I grow even more than maybe…maybe, I will. I don’t ship as much, although lately I have lol, and figuring out the shipping time and when to bake, it can get pretty complicated…but that is why you have to plan it all out, kind of making a schedule, so this way you are not stressing out the last minute because they might arrive a day late.  I always call and check how much, and how long lol.

I do many local orders, and I love delivering. I don’t charge for delivery most of the time, specially if it is near my area, but if you are more then 30 minutes away, then I do charge a tiny fee which just goes to fill up my tank. I love meeting the people behind the emails, phone, texts…I love going to different places that I might never been to if it wasn’t for them ordering. I love that time away, I get to think about life a lot, I get to clear my head…. When you plan a party, wedding, etc., it can get pretty stressful.. specially weddings,  and I feel that it is part of my job to get the cookies to their destination and not having the customer worry if they will break, get there on time, etc. .

Like I have said before, I love happy customers!

Happy Wednesday!

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