A cute way to say “Thank You”…

I made this Thank you basket for Danielle, a beautiful woman with a great big heart :)..Danielle is a fighter, she is a breast cancer survivor. She asked me to make a beautiful basket so that she can give it to her doctor as a big thank you for everything that he and his staff have done for her. I really love the way the basket came out, I hope they like it too 🙂

I hand painted the flowers and the big thank you cookie. I always try to customize it as much as possible 🙂 I love these colored baskets, specially for this time of year, so fall-ish lol. I think it’s beautiful to give thanks. To show your appreciation…

I don’t have much going on today or tomorrow..I have a big show coming up sunday and I will be baking a lot for it, and I have a couple orders to do.. I am really looking forward to them. I will also be making special cookies to donate for a fundraising event 🙂

There is so much going on in my personal life that I had to take time off.  I need some ME time, and yes, 2 days is all I could afford to take off, well actually 1 whole day and part of the 2nd day lol.

I usually share a lot of things happening to me in this blog, whether it is about my cookies, my monster’s, my life.  Some things I choose to not mention since they are either non important, or are better off being kept private. Majority is about my cookies, and sharing with you all the work I do, whether being here or on Facebook. So I appreciate all of you who take 2 minutes of your life to read my blog 🙂 Thank you!

I leave you with this picture:

They brighten up my days…

Have a lovely Tuesday!

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