Is that a cookie?…

for Jose πŸ™‚


Yes it is πŸ™‚ Using frosting sheets, you can pretty much turn any picture into a cookie. I made these for my little cousin Jose, who loves Chinese Anime..I will be sending them to Peru tomorrow.

I love decorating by hand, but it amazes me the amount of things you can do with these sheets. I find them a bit hard to use since I’m still learning how to attach them onto the cookies, but so far so good. I find it is a good alternative if you are looking to get specific cookies made, logo’s, cookie pictures, etc. It also comes out even less to get frosting sheet cookies made instead of hand decorated ones, specially when there is so much detail and you are in a budget. I give this option to a lot of my customers, specially when they want something very detailed for a reasonable price. They taste as good, and look pretty too πŸ™‚

I order my sheets from , they offer a variety of sheet sizes, and shapes…they also offer pre-made icing add ons, really cute stuff :). I used to have a hard time peeling the sheets, until I figured out that putting them in the oven for a few seconds hardens them a bit, and therefore makes it easier to peel off. I messed up a few sheets when I first started using them lol, quite a few. But now I have the whole process down, go me!

I lost a little part of me today…I have always had a tiny mole on my head. Right on my left lower side…Today it was removed, I kind of miss it.Β  I use to touch it everynow and then…It was once small, but it grew a lot… The dermatologist said that the only thing that worried her was the coloring and size.Β I will find out in 2 weeks the results of that mole. I didn’t realize how big it had become until I actually touched all ofΒ it.. it did scare me a bit. The only thing that hurt was the needle, I felt a bit of a pinch. I didn’t feel a thing after that, since my head was a bit numb. She asked me if I wanted to see it, and I said no..I really did not want to see it. I made Johnny take a picture of my head where they had removed it from to see what it looked like..Not a cute scar lol…but all scars heal with time. I am hoping it’s just a silly mole that got fat, I don’t think it will be anything bad… but then again, I had the same positive attitude when I had a bad stomach ache and they told me that they had to remove my gallbladder and ended up in the hospital for a week lol…we will see πŸ™‚

Mucho, Mucho Amor!!!! Love to all!


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