Great show!

We had such a great show today! It was fun, a lot of people, great music, great brides to be :). I really loved the table set up (a close up):

My new banner:

I baked the sample cookies for tasting this morning, and I am glad I did…there where many great compliments :).  I hope to keep doing more shows, they definitely help oky’s cookies grow, and it gives me an opportunity to meet great people 🙂 .  Now it is time to make lot’s of dough for this coming week 🙂 a lot of cute custom orders! Can’t wait!

I hope you all had a very wonderful weekend..a brand new week to look forward to. I know I have to make time to re-arrange all my pictures the same way I did on my Facebook page, really not looking forward to that lol, but it must get done. I will also be adding more pages here, since a lot of people have been asking about packaging, and prices :).

A big Thanks to my sisters Maite, Natalia and Karen, for helping me out today! I really appreciate you all!

Lot’s of love to you all!

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