Bralicious :)

Who wouldn’t want a leopard bra cookie? lol. Well I hope this lucky lady does ๐Ÿ™‚

DD’S..I’m not sure how big that is, but I’m guessing it’s big? It’s amazing the amount of women in this world who are wearing the wrong bra size. And it’s amazing the amount of moneyย  a bra can cost you. Thank god for small lemons lol…they say to get your bra size checked every 6 months since your body changes….umm do we really have time for that?

When I went to Peru on my last visit, my cousin took me wholesale shopping,ย and we happened to come by the lingerie section which consisted of 3 sizes in 4 colors…that’s it. The wired bra was hard as a rock, it was more of a shield then anything…and the cotton ones were very see through lol..of course if you went to a regular store in the mall there you would pay way more, waaaay more.

I recently went to Victoria’s Secret and purchased a bra. It was $52.00 plus the extenders $16.00 ( I happen to have a wide back like my father)=$68.00….I used a gift card I had, and left the store. I don’t quite often shop there, but it has definitely gotten more expensive. With $68.00 I could have bought meat for 1 month…and although it was a gift card, I did not feel right with that purchase. So yes, my guilty conscience of spending that much while my Charlie still needs more clothes for his over grown bodyย kicked in lol….maybe one day when I’m rich I could be able to go on a guilt free shopping spree lol…

Happy Tuesday!

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