I hope you feel better :)

Gail ordered these for her friend Essie, she said to make something nice for her, and I did :)…well I hope she likes it!

I don’t tend to get sick much, but lately my heart has started to get congested lol….I know relationships, marriages…are not always easy. I know there are ups, and downs..happiness, and dissapointments…Sometimes we fall out of love, some times we stop fighting for it…I have always told Johnny, that no matter what happens, that I will always love him..and I will. I know he tries to do as much as he can for me, and I appreciate that very much…but sometimes things happen, situations might occur when I need him to go above and beyond, and today he said something that hurt my feelings a bit, but after he said it..he said to me ” I know what is the problem, I don’t do enough…Enough at home I mean..now I understand..I understand babe, I understand that I am not making it easier for you…I am sorry”.

“I am sorry”…I have not heard that in a very long time. We don’t normally argue or fight, we have always been a well-balanced couple, we understand each other well. But life changes, we change. I am not the same person I used to be, my kids, my wanting to get my business to a higher level, it has definitely changed our lives…and I don’t think we were prepared for all these changes.

The good thing about all these changes, is that my husband is learning a different side of me, and he is trying to adjust to me…that shows me that he loves me and cares for me.

It feels great to love, but it’s feels even better to be loved.

Happy tuesday!



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