Hello November!

I made these cookie as a sample before Sandy arrived. It made me think of Christmas, and how fast the years just keep passing us by.

I was without electricity for two days. I really wanted to stay home, but it was pretty cold here for my monster’s, so we ended up going to my mother’s house. My hubby has been working a lot since Sandy hit, I have seen little of him these couple of days…I do miss him very much. But I do have my family, and he is doing his job to help out the city. I am so proud of the Department of public works in Rahway NJ, you guys work your butt’s off so much everyday, but yet you guys don’t get the appreciation you deserve. As for any other worker helping all the city’s get back on track, a big THANK YOU!. I know having no electric is such a pain, and a very frustrating situation..specially when there is elderly people or babies in need of it…we just have to be patient, and hope for the best.

To the people who have lost their homes, and loved ones, my prayers are with you. I think in any situation like this, we all need to come together and help each other out.

Being home with my kids, no tv, no laptops, no cell phone, no baking… I must say I enjoyed it very much…I actually read a book (shocker) lol…It makes me feel thankful for the things I have and don’t.

I will be making some samples this weekend, and prepping for another bridal show coming next weekend. Lot’s of love to all of you. Be thankful for what you have, appreciate those things..one day they might be gone.

Happy birthday Aris..missing  you always! Happy Thursday to all! Lot’s and Lot’s of love!

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