Fly like a butterfly..

Congratulations to Heather who won these cookies today! She is being so kind and sharing it with Marijean, who almost could have won…i’m still laughing about it MJ lol…I love these little giveaways!

As I was prepping my dough, and tags for this coming weekend..I had some time to play with my monster’s. We were in Zofia’s room, she was trying on her princess dresses which she has been wearing all week…Charlinski (Charlie) was eating her books..and I happened to find a box in her closet, in it there were pictures…old pictures.

There were pictures of when I was still in highschool..when I had first met with him, and our friends going to clubs…pictures of Peru, and my family there…pictures of me in my skinny days…It struck me seeing those pictures. I can’t believe how much time has passed, how life life is happening..I never, ever thought I would be doing what I am doing now…cookies that is lol…I still sometimes can’t believe I am a mommy of two monster’s…that I’m a wife lol…if you knew me back then, you know what I’m talking about. I wasn’t the same girl, woman I am today…I am happy for those memories, for the person who I used to be..for the person I am now…I am happy to have these pictures that will forever remind me of those special moments. I even found pictures of when my little sis Natalia was a little chipmunk..of my little brother Jorge when he was 3, whom is in Peru and don’t get to see much of him…He will be turning 19 soon πŸ™‚ .

It’s amazing the emotions that a photograph can bring.

Have a wonderful night πŸ™‚


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