Can you pass me the ashtray please?

I made this sample for a young man’s 60th birthday party. I really like the way it came out, and I hope they like it too πŸ™‚

Smoking…well just a casual smoker, usually if I’m in A.C. I’ll have a cigarette or two…but I haven’t smoked in a very long time. I was 11 when I had my first cigarette. After school we where in front of our friends house, we had all sat down and formed a circle and we were all going to try to smoke a cigarette lol…I remember my sister was coughing because she didn’t know how to inhale lol….when it came to my turn, I took the cigarette and just took a pull, in haled it and released it…when you watch someone do something on a daily basis, you learn from it…my mother was a big smoker, and I remember watching her light up her cigarettes and smoke…I’m a fast learner…My mother quit smoking when she had my sister Natalia..she hasn’t touched a cigarette since then.

Johnny gave himself the best Father’s day gift, he quit smoking..cold turkey…He has been a smoker since he was 16. He smoked pack after pack after pack. Sometimes I still can’t believe he quit..I even checked up on him at work, and he hasn’t smoked at all. I am so proud of him, I thought he was not going to be able to keep it up, but he has πŸ™‚ .

A lot of people kept telling me to make him stop, but I’m not his mother, I’m his wife…and I did not want to give him an ultimatum, or yell at him for not quitting before…you can’t make someone do something if they are not ready to do it for themselves. You have to have a lot of will power to do something like that..will power to stop doing something that is not good for your health…will power to start doing something that will be better for your health (yes I know I have to start exercising..I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT!) lol. My role as a wife, is to support be there when he needs be honestΒ with him and give him a piece of my mind…to love him unconditionally.Β  lol I always used to tell him ” you better still be here to walk Zofia down that aisle!”.

I am very proud of him! Although he has been complaining that ever since he quit, his appetite has increased and therefore he has become a bit fluffy, specially with me cooking all the time..well most of the timeΒ lol…what can I say? I’m a great cook!

Happy Thursday! Have a lovely day!




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