Happy Birthday to youuuu!

I made these for Ayva, she loves doing gymnastics..she had asked if I could do cookies to match her favorite suit..I think I did a pretty good job 🙂

I also made these cookies for Bebe’s fundraising dinner event, I did 49 cookies, one cookie sacrificed itself for quality control lol.

I am prepping for my show tomorrow, which I am really looking forward to. I love doing bridal shows, and also meeting other vendors. I will be baking some samples, but this time I will be wrapping them and it will be only for Brides to be lol….I hope it works, since last time I had people coming back over and over for more samples lol.

Today is my Brother Jorge’s Birthday…I wish him a wonderful birthday. I miss him very much…He is such a smart, sweet, and caring boy..Man. He is a volunteer fireman..he is studying to become a doctor, and he is always top of his class. He is fluent in English, which he learned very fast…he loves to play the guitar, and sing beautiful songs.

I sometimes feel guilty…for not being there with him..The first time I saw him, he was 3 years old…then when he was 12, and then at 15. We talk on the phone, and chat via facebook..but I wish I was there. I miss him dearly, and yes…I sometimes shed a tear or two…I know he knows how much I love him, and that if he ever needs me I will fly down there to be with him… but the guilt is always there, not being there for all his birthdays..for his graduation…for his firefighter’s ceremony..for when he had a big infection in his arm that almost cost his life.

I can’t change those things, but I can definitely cherish the times that we’ve shared together…beautiful memories.

Jorge and my stepmother Ivy 🙂
He always had a passion to be a firefighter, just like my father. He is the second little boy from the left…my dad is the fluffy man, he’s the captain…still is.
This is last year in Peru..I can’t wait to see him next August!
A very old picture, of my dad when he first became a firefighter. You don’t see many pictures like this anymore.

Te quiero con todo mi corazon Hermano mio….

Love to all!





2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to youuuu!

  1. Que lindo todo lo que escribes Margarita, muy emotivo, Jorge Antonio se emocionó mucho y igual te quiere mucho así como a sus hermanos, tienes un gran corazón, muchas gracias por todo tu amor. Ivy.

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