She said yes!….

Yes, I will keep saying it over and over, I love cookies having to do with weddings! I made these for Stephanie B., she celebrated her engagement today. I met Stephanie in a bridal show I did, and she liked my cookies, and really liked the samples I made her. Now time has come to make them, and I love the way they came out. Yes writing “she said” “yes” on 212 mini cookies felt like an eternity, but I love the final result 🙂

She is giving these out to her fiancée’s groomsmen, each tag personalized with each groomsmen’s name 🙂 .

These are for her Bridesmaids..also with personalized tags.

The forever mini hearts lol..

Setting up to wrap the favors for her guests 🙂 1 big ring and the mini cookies…she came up with the idea!

I had to take this picture, because the sunlight was just perfectly beaming on it 🙂

And off they go…I will be delivering them today 🙂 I hope they have a wonderful time 🙂

Love, Love, Love……….the beauty of it…..butterflies in your tummy…..always putting a smile on your face…..your happily ever after.

Have a wonderful Sunday! Lot’s of ❤ to you all!

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