It’s a jungle out there…

I made these cookies for Shirley and Gustavo, they will be celebrating their baby shower this weekend :). Shirley had seen my pictures on Facebook and really liked these cookies, although she did request more green lol. Facebook has definitely helped my work be exposed, so a big thank you as well! I hope they have a wonderful time!

I had a very long weekend, lot’s of stuff to do…the bridal show :

It was one of the best show’s we have done..A great number of brides to be, and the food was delicious! I met wonderful people and received so many nice comments about my cookies, so a big thank you!

Right after the show I had to bake two orders, and they just shipped out today..It amazes me how fast I can complete orders, the amount of motivation I get when I bake, and know that they will be greatly enjoyed…I still have more to do, but for today I will relax.

It is a very big jungle out there..sometimes you may find yourself lost, without hope..confused. I have learned to never be scared, scared to risk things..scared to try new things…scared to let go. You can only go forward, and make life happen..make your dreams come true. If you are scared to do so…life will just pass you by, and before you know it, all the “what if’s” in life will surround you.

I am doing all that I can do to make my life be the way I want it to be. With that said, please check out , I have started following his blog, and I really enjoy it, very inspirational, very therapeutic, well at least to me lol. So go on over and check it out!

Lot’s of love to you all…don’t let fear get the best of you!



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