Oh baby baby..

I made these for Pam, who lives in Cali, and is doing a baby shower for her daughter. She really liked the previous ones I made, so I made a few changes since I don’t really like doing the same thing..I try to make each order special :).

It’s baby season.. well it feels like it around here lol…I have three friends that will be having their babies soon, and 4 who have just found out they will be mommies for the first time. They couldn’t be anymore happy :).

I have two monsters, and I can honestly say I am happy with just two. In the beginning, waaaaay back before we were even married, Johnny wanted 5 kids…I recently asked him if he would like to have another monster, and he said ” as much as I love you and the kids, I think we are good for now” lol…and I agree. Having kids is a wonderful experience..it tests your patience..it brings the best out of you..it brings you memories of how your parents where with you..it makes you want to do an even better job. But it is definitely a tough job to be a Mother..a Father.

Being a mother, has a llowed me to appreciate even more the things my parents have done for me..yes they weren’t perfect, but they tried to do their best to raise us…and that carries on over on how I teach and discipline my kids. I don’t think there is a right way to raise a child, I just think that you have to give them the knowledge and support so that they can learn by themselves and hold them accountable for the things they do. I try to challenge my kids when it comes to learning…although potty training has become my nightmare lol…but it all takes time, and I don’t want to yell or add preassure..when they are ready, they just are.

Zofia will be 3 in march, Charlie will be 1 in January…I am happy to see them grow everyday. How they go from crawling to walking…how they start getting teeth, and start biting..how they turn to you when you call their name..My kids are my everything, they bring out the best in me.

Don’t stop hugging your kids and telling them how much you love them. Love to all!

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